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Dew Days!!

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Tina Hansmeier Posted: Wed, Jun 10 2009 8:56 AM

Goodbye Rambling River Days,
Hello Dew Days.....again!


Why, you may ask?


For the C.E.E.F. Board, the all volunteer group who
organizes this event, the change of name back to
Dew Days was a no-brainer.

This event, originally called Mountain Dew Days because Farmington at one time had the highest per capita
 consumption of the beverage in the country, was
 eventually shortened to just Dew Days.

In 2005, the festival became Rambling River Days as a
tribute to the Vermillion River that runs through
Farmington. However, Farmington residents just didn't
 seem to catch on to the new name.

So in 2009, the C.E.E.F. Board decided to change the
 festival's name back to "Dew Days", which is short and
simple. And besides, most people in the area refer to the
event as Dew Days anyway.

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